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As Seen In...Forbes, Jan 17, 2011

DTC Helps Businesses Convert Opportunities Into Successes in an Uncertain Economy

For business owners who work with Diversified Trade Company, LLC (DTC), lying low until the current financial crisis passes is not an option. Even in a wildly uncertain economic environment, DTC provides a navigable path to success and profitability.

"DTC shows businesses where to look for opportunities right now and then provides them with the resources to capitalize on the ones that will increase their market share in both the domestic and international markets. DTC can position businesses to exploit changes as they happen," explains Stephanie Summers, Chief Executive Officer of DTC.
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Welcome to Diversified Trade Company, LLC

Diversified Trade Company, LLC, also referred to as DTC, is an international business company. DTC provides business development services to individuals, businesses, local, state and federal governments in need of cutting edge business development services and also provides equity investment in these businesses.

Established in 1998, DTC assists businesses to increase their market share in both the United States and in foreign countries and in many instances, gains company ownership in businesses through joint venture partnerships, acquisitions and mergers.

DTC uses its most precious resource, its relationships, and couples it with its ability to analyze economic and market data, to gauge consumer demands and converts opportunities into success.

DTC provides all of the services needed to assist a business be successful in today’s challenging economies.

Our business development services include, market research, international trade management, export/import management, project/trade finance assistance, international trade program development and domestic and foreign merger/ acquisition assistance.